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As the storage space for everyday food, refrigerators are almost as important as the items we keep inside of them. That’s why the world seems to stop when a refrigerator breaks down. Refrigerators work 24/7 to preserve our food, so it’s important that appliance repairs are completed properly and don’t create any new problems. Here are some steps you can take before and after a refrigerator repair to get the most out of your service call.

Inspect Your Refrigerator

Before you call for appliance service, make sure that the cause of malfunction isn’t something you can fix yourself. Check the refrigerator plug to see if it got accidentally unplugged, or check your circuit breaker to see if there’s any dirt buildup in the compartments that could be affecting the power to your refrigerator. Also try adjusting the temperatures and make sure the doors are closing properly. By checking for basic issues like these, you can save yourself the cost of a technician’s visit, especially those who charge flat fees just for showing up, whether they do any work or not.

Research In Advance

Before your appointment, do some investigative analysis on your refrigerator. Arm yourself with key information for the tech; it can help save on repair costs and time. Make detailed notes of any strange sounds the refrigerator makes, when the temperature started dropping and what you did to try to fix the problem. Having information on the make, model, and part number of your refrigerator can also help the tech conduct the right kinds of diagnostic tests and select the correct replacement parts, which is a timesaver for both you and the technician.

Refrigerator Care and Maintenance

Once the technician has successfully repaired your refrigerator, get into the habit of doing regular check-ups and maintenance. Don’t load your refrigerator with too many items—the large load makes it work harder to keep everything cold. Make sure the seals in your refrigerator doors are clean and have nothing like debris or food in their path so that the doors close properly.

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