When to Upgrade Appliances

Here are 5 big reasons why your beloved old appliances have to go.

when to upgrade home appliancesThere comes a time in every appliance’s life when it needs to step aside and let the next generation take over. Even your best-liked (and hardest-worked) appliances will have their time – and it’s not necessarily just when they break down and leave you in a tight spot. We hate to break it to you, but your favorite appliance’s time may have already come. (And if you hate your washing machine, or it’s leaking water constantly, you probably don’t need us to tell you it’s time to switch!)

Not many people get excited by the prospect of shopping for a new appliance, especially when they don’t absolutely have to. The staff at Logan Master Appliance do their absolute best to make your buying experience a positive one, but we also want you to be confident you’re making a smart decision for your family. So here are five reasons why buying a new appliance might just be the smartest move you make all year:

1.New appliances get the job done better.

Even top-of-the-line appliances lose their spunk over the years, and appliance engineering has gotten better since. Ever had a dishwasher that just does not seem to get plates clean enough on its own? You might just notice the drop-off in performance on your plates because you’re eating off them. Freshly tested appliances clean dishes faster, dry sheets faster and cook food more evenly than the last generation.

2.Servicing old models gets expensive.

The more time passes, the harder it becomes to service older products. Parts become unavailable or rare, and it can actually be just as expensive to service an appliance as to purchase a new one. There’s no guarantee an expensive fix will last or something else will not break if there’s an underlying problem.

3.Upgrading doesn’t have to be wasteful.

You may think you’re doing the environment – and your wallet –  a service by riding your older appliance until the wheels fall off, so to speak. But ENERGY STAR standards have had a dramatic effect on the energy efficiency of appliances over the last ten to twenty years. Appliances made before this decade use much more energy because standards were less stringent. Newer appliances can make a big difference in your utility bills, and your old appliances don’t have to go to waste. Lots of parts can often be used for refurbished products.

4.Better quality is more affordable than ever.

You don’t have to pay a fortune to have home appliances that run smoothly and efficiently. From the kitchen to the laundry room to basement, Logan offers a wide variety of price points for both new and refurbished appliances – all of which meet our quality standards. And make sure to contact us to find out what manufacturer rebates are available, because with one conversation you can maximize your savings.

5.We’ll make it easy.

What a chore it is to switch out your old appliance for a new one – unless you have someone to handle delivery, setup and haul-away without you lifting a finger. Logan happens to offer just that. Pick out your products and tell us where to go; we’ll handle the rest.

Logan Master Appliance has supplied the greater Dayton, Ohio area for over 110 years, and we’re ready to help you, too. Whether you’re planning a total kitchen overhaul or just need a new washer/dryer combo you can count on, we’ll help you make a smart purchase and get set up in no time. Call us at (937) 853-8987 with your questions.