Top Five Kitchen Trends of 2017

Give your kitchen a makeover that unleashes its potential.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where decisions are made, memories are forged, dreams are shared, and of course meals are created.

Because the kitchen has become the space in the house that attracts the most attention, the family and your guests (and your buyers if you’re selling) all gravitate there. So what can they expect to see in the kitchen of 2017?

Top 5 Kitchen Appliance Trends of 2017

These are the Logan Master Appliance top five trends of 2017.

But first, a word of caution – not every great idea is right for every house. You want to make sure that your kitchen is an extension of your home, not an area unto itself. By working with the appliance experts at Logan Master Appliance, you can talk through ideas and options and get expert help that will help you choose the right kitchen appliances.

1. Incorporate Technology – Smartly

Technology has brought simplicity to much of our lives, so it only makes sense that it eases some of our efforts in the kitchen.

The opportunities to incorporate technology across your kitchen are plentiful – from TVs inside of your refrigerator door to a Bluetooth connection between your microwave and oven allowing them to “communicate” on the parts of the meal that each is responsible for.

Many appliances also now come with touchscreen consoles, and some can even be connected to mobile apps so that you can monitor them remotely.

What’s important, with any technology, is that it serves you. It’s a fun idea – getting a text from your refrigerator, but technology can also be incorporated in ways that make an appliance more efficient.

For example, the KitchenAid 36″ B-I Bottom Freezer Refrigerator uses technology in very practical ways, incorporating

  • intuitive, digital controls
  • door alarm
  • holiday/Sabbath mode
  • automatic defrost
  • temperature alarm

2. Eco-friendly Kitchens

There are several ways that your kitchen can do its part for the environment. Reclaimed wood, recycled paper and recycled glass are all being used as countertop material these days, while bamboo and other sustainable materials can be incorporated in places like the backsplash.

Appliances can do their part too. Choose one that is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means it will use less energy, emit fewer greenhouse gases and overtime save you money!

Overall, appliances are being designed to be more energy efficient. For example, refrigerators that incorporate glass shelves and stainless steel can keep food cooler with less effort than models using a heavy amount of plastic and rubber.

Dishwashers can also do their part. Get one that has a soil sensor, which allows it to use just the amount of water needed for the load you have. Innovative rack designs space out your load in a way that maximizes the dishwasher’s potential, eliminating the need for long cycles or re-washes.

3. Maximize Space

Many kitchen designers are trying to bring a new order to kitchens everywhere by keeping them in line. Literally. This year you’ll see a new push to eliminate the jagged profile of a kitchen where appliances and counters poke out in front of, or just behind, each other.

Look for appliances that are “Counter Depth” or “Cabinet Depth.” These are streamlined and manufactured to go just to the edge of the counter, giving everything a more appealing, universal look.

4. Re-Think Storage Solutions

Kitchen storage is a top concern for many homeowners. Storage solutions shouldn’t just address the old, “Where are we going to put the pots and pans?” question. A kitchen deserves a comprehensive storage solution, one that includes proper food storage.

Depending upon the size of your kitchen, you could add wine storage or beverage coolers. You could also consider a refrigerator with specific compartmentalization, gallon door storage, and other similar breakouts that allow you to keep your food organized to make it easier to find and use, resulting in less waste and happier stomachs.

And here’s an extra bonus: Better access to food items equals easier cleaning; and who doesn’t appreciate that?

5. Go Bold

Bold is big this year. Bold colors will be making a comeback in the kitchen in new ways, such as sinks and the fronts of appliances. This does not mean a return to the uniform pastel look of the ’60s, but a modern splash of color that’s intended to highlight an area and draw focus.

Bold pops of color can create excitement and provide a room with energy.

Making 2017 your kitchen’s best year ever

Whether you are renovating to achieve your dream kitchen or remodeling to sell, make this the year where you go from saying “We should…” to “We did…”

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