Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling

Design the heart of your home to match your style and fit your needs.

Kitchen Renovation and Appliance UpdatesFamily memories are made in the kitchen, and having a cook space that reflects your style, accommodates your family and provides efficiency is the modern ideal.  After all, the kitchen has transformed from a place solely where food is made to a social hotspot. Whether it’s homework time, family dinners or dish duty, more time is spent in the kitchen than virtually any other room.

So how to achieve your dream kitchen remodel? Remember the four basic principles of a good kitchen renovation – function, style, efficiency and longevity.


There is no room more multifunctional than your kitchen. It needs to accommodate cooking, cleaning, paperwork, organizing and socializing, and all of it often at the same time! For this reason, maximum functionality is key. As you plan your kitchen remodel layout, take into consideration how much storage space you’ll need, how much counter space you would like, and which appliances will suit your needs best.


Choose a kitchen design that complements your home. Adding your personal style to elements of your kitchen remodel can be as easy as changing the handles of your cabinets, to something more involved like redoing your countertops. Adding pops of bold color and patterns, and incorporating modern lighting fixtures can make a huge difference to your home’s feel as well. Ensuring adequate light that brightens your home during Ohio’s ever-changing seasons is crucial to your kitchen’s atmosphere.


Appliance placement is a critical aspect of kitchen efficiency. When planning your kitchen’s appliance placement, make sure that there’s enough space between food prep, cooking and cleanup stations in your kitchen. Choose the size of your appliances based on the size of your kitchen and what you truly need versus the product that you like best. Another detail that may seem minor, but is extremely important to consider when remodeling your kitchen, is the door swing on your appliances. If appliances are set in places too close to walls or other cabinets, they won’t be able to open.


Whether you are renovating to achieve your dream kitchen or remodeling to sell,  keep in mind that the kitchen always attracts the most attention, from both guests or potential buyers alike. For guests, it’s the room where they will likely hang out with you the most. And for homebuyers, the kitchen is nearly always one of the highest priorities on the wish list. That’s why it’s important to approach any kitchen renovation with an eye towards longevity. For example, adding in aspects such as universal home design, plenty of outlets, energy efficient appliances and up-to-date storage units will help you get the most return on your investment for years to come.

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