How To Maintain Dyer Ducts

Follow These Easy Steps for a Safer and More Efficient Dryer

when to clean your dryer ventWe all know the sinking feeling… you’ve backed yourself into a corner with laundry, when suddenly you get a burst of energy. You drag the overflowing laundry basket downstairs, only to find that the dryer is broken. Now what to do? The solution may be simpler than you think – a clogged dryer duct. Keeping this from happening is straightforward, and all starts with regular maintenance.

Warning: While it’s important for homeowners to maintain their dryer vents, they also should be prepared to contact a professional technician if there appears to be damage. But to stay ahead of the game here are a few ways you can proactively maintain your dryer ducts:

  1. Empty the lint trap. Every. Single. Time.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is essential to dryer duct maintenance. Make it a habit to empty the lint trap before starting in the dryer. To ensure the screen is lint-free, use a fine-bristled brush and warm soapy water weekly to gently remove any remaining lint.

  1. Clean the lint trap housing cavity

You will need a few things for this step:

  • A hand vacuum cleaner
  • A fine bristled brush

First, remove the lint trap from the lint trap housing cavity. Next, stick the fine bristled brush into the housing cavity and twist to pick up lint. Then, use the vacuum to suction the lint off of the brush. Repeat these steps until the housing cavity is clean. Doing this once a month will prevent lint build up.

  1. Evaluate the dryer duct

Maintaining the dryer duct can prevent damage, and more importantly, even a fire. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, over 14,000 fires were caused by clothing dryers between 2010-2014. It’s recommended to clean the dryer vent three times a year, but how do you know when? The telltale signs are that your clothes take longer to dry or do not dry in one cycle, or the external surface of the dryer duct is hot to the touch.

  1. Disconnect and clean the dryer duct

Don’t be intimidated! This step may seem like a lot of work, but this video shows you how to remove the dryer duct properly. After you’ve done so, the best way to clean the duct is by using a long-handled scrub brush to clean the inside. Insert the brush into the dryer duct and rotate it, repeating until the duct is free of lint and dust.

The rest is simple – once finished cleaning, reattach the dryer duct and enjoy your squeaky-clean dryer without the worry of having to run a second load, or having a home emergency.

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